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Case Studies

Case Studies

Mr S - Kept getting his heavy goods damaged in transit by the carriers - so dedicated transport gave reliable safe direct transit at a time to suit him and his cuctomers. A telephone call ensured he knew it all arrived safely and some feedback is given about his customer too...A local pharmacutical company needed to deliver and collect IT equipment to the field sales force - we used one of my reliable parcel carriers to fulfill this.Mrs M - Needed to send Christmas presents to Indonesia. The postal service is too risky so we sent the 10kg package there no problem using one of my chosen carriers based at Heathrow. (4 days tranisit time!) We have since done a few subsequent parcels...An electronics company had some large items to move across newbury - instead of 4 trips in their van we did one in mine...For the same company we collected goods from Europe when the Euro was strong! Sameday return to belgium ready to be shipped in the UK at 4pm!! It was an early start!!An engineering firm in Newbury regularly use us to deliver their time critical goods for Formula 1 companies / fast prototype companies. They know they can rely on me to go straight away and not batch-up the deliveries adding delay.


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